Sam's Story
Hi I am Sam. I was brought up by my grandmother, as I was separated from my parents as an infant. Today, I am a mother, and through this journey of life there wasn’t a single day that I forgot my mom. Nothing filled the emptiness. I want you to read my story because I want people to know that you as an individual can create your life and change the patterns you learnt as a child in order to be self-reliant. 

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Leaving a
‘Small World’
Looking back to move forward
A family of my own
Staying grounded in the midst of chaos
Becoming a mother
A fine balance

The End

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Sam is studying for a Masters in Applied Psychology. She is also an Arts Based Therapy Practitioner and conducts affordable individual and group sessions because she wants mental health services to be accessible to as many people as possible. Her personal motto in life is to help people help themselves. Self help is relying on oneself and developing skills to face day to day challenges on your own because at the end of the day it is only you with yourself.
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