Welcome to Mann Mela   Welcome to Mann Mela   Welcome to Mann Mela  Welcome to Mann Mela  

Welcome to Mann Mela   Welcome to Mann Mela   Welcome to Mann Mela   Welcome to Mann Mela  

“Mann Mela” is a museum of young
people’s mental health stories from India

Through sharing people’s real experiences, we tackle common misconceptions about mental health and mental
illness, break down stigma and discrimination and encourage help-seeking.


Each story is told using an art and technology-assisted exhibit, enabling you to interact with their world as they travel through their journey of finding hope, identity, meaning and empowerment.

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Hi, I’m Sadam Hanjabam from Manipur. My journey with accepting myself enabled me to not only save my life, but also set up the first registered youth and queer led-focused organization called Ya_All in the North-Eastern region of India.

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Hi, I’m Vidushi Karnatic from Haldwani. I struggled with a mental illness and made a full recovery. I’m telling you my story because the hardest part of my journey wasn’t the mental illness itself, it was the stigma I faced because of it.

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Hi, I’m Tarini Chawla from Chandigarh. I had a picture of how I wanted my life to look, but more often things don’t turn out that way and the picture changes, but hey, I realized that that’s actually a positive thing!

We believe that personal
stories are a powerful tool
to further connectedness,
resilience and recovery.


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Seeking support?

iCall (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) is a free professional counseling service available over telephone, email and chat to individuals across age groups, gender, sexual orientations, geographies etc.

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