Mann Mela is a museum about young people’s mental health stories from India.
Understanding the Problem
India has the world’s largest population of young people ages 10-24 and mental health problems are the leading health concern for this group. Today, the systemic lack of investment in young people’s mental health has caused a serious crisis in India, which has the highest number of youth suicides globally, and where less than 10% of youth have access to any mental health care.
Gender and sexuality-based discrimination, socially conservative attitudes that prohibit romantic relationships and marriage across castes and religion, pressure to perform well academically, caste-based harassment, and sexual abuse are among the diverse reasons for young people’s poor mental health.
There is an absence of forums for dialogue or help-seeking options set in a grossly inadequate professional mental healthcare system. This is further compounded by a fundamental lack of awareness on mental health and stigma attached to problems or illnesses, resulting in more silence, secrecy and suffering. 
Our Strategy
Our strategy is simple. We believe that telling our personal stories about mental health can help create a world where no young people are left behind because of mental health problems.
Lived experience at the center
We believe that those with lived experience should drive the conversation on improving mental health. Mann Mela involves youth with lived experience at every stage of our work.
Leveraging digital media
Each story is presented using an art and technology-assisted exhibit.
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