Pavel's Story
Hi, I'm Pavel Sagolsem. I was born male and assigned that gender at birth, but quickly realised that something didn't feel right. I'd like you to read my story to understand my experiences becoming as a 'non-binary' individual and the importance of not seeing the self and world in binaries.
Pavel writes and conducts training on sexuality and gender, LGBTQIA+, and co-founded the Chinky Homo project that aims to compile an anthology of lived realities of queer person from North East India. Pavel studied at MSU Baroda and Hyderabad Central University pursuing applied linguistic and translation studies, and gender studies at Ambedkar University, Delhi. Through their work, they try to understand themselves and the community they belong to better.
Pavel Sagolsem
Story Research, Writing and Curation
Faith Gonsalves
Artwork and Illustrations
Debangshu Moulik
Media Production
Kapil Das