Tena Paul

I am a psychologist and I like to express myself through art. I have an optimistic view on pessimism, strongly believe that 'we are all survivors of our own battles'.

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‘Hope through Action’; or as I see it, hope can be derived from our own actions. Here stands a girl, holding her universe in her hands. She holds the power to manipulate as she sees fit, to accommodate her needs, her wishes, her dreams. A common misconception when people walk into a therapist’s office is that the therapist has all the answers to issues one might face. But this is indeed not true. The solutions lie within us, and the therapist is merely one who empowers us to search for them, actively work towards them and maintain them. To me, yellow represents hope, happiness, positive change. As she takes action, her universe is changing for the better, banishing the darkness within, and letting light flow everywhere unhinged.