Abhirami Suresh

Abhirami works in participatory art & design research to explore human activity, emotions and narratives through content curation and systems design to create projects that emotionally resonate with her audience and actively engage them in her work. She founded the White Lines Collective, a social design inquiry that discusses the amalgamation of youth mental health narratives with creative practices.

What These Hands Told Me
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'What These Hands Told Me' shares how the physical manifestations of my mental health are my personal diary of how my body and mind is changing - the good and the bad. Through this visual essay, I attempt to trace how my hands and arms have been the bearer of all the burdens I have accumulated over the course of my life. I have come to realize that every action I have undertaken has been personified by my hands. They have stood witness to my mental health journey as a front seat viewer and participant. My mind and my arms are inextricably linked, and as their relationship changes, so does my whole being.